The aim of the Worldcoin Foundation is both philosophical and political: to realize more inclusive, fair, and just institutions of governance and of the global digital economy, including by helping achieve certain targets of U.N. Sustainable Development Goal 16 (namely, 16.4, 16.5, 16.6, 16.7, and 16.9). To that end, the Worldcoin Foundation serves as the steward of the Worldcoin protocol, supporting and growing the Worldcoin community until it becomes fully self-sufficient.

The Worldcoin Foundation is an exempted limited guarantee foundation company incorporated in the Cayman Islands. To learn more about this type of entity, check out this Guide to the Cayman Islands Foundation Company from the Foundation’s outside counsel at the law firm, Ogier.

Today, the Worldcoin Foundation is “memberless”; it has no owners or shareholders. Instead, the Worldcoin Foundation has a supervisor. The Worldcoin Foundation is governed by a Board with four Directors, Chris “W” Waclawek, Phillip Sippl, a Cayman Islands-resident professional director and a corporate director. 

The Worldcoin Foundation’s constitutional documents specifically contemplate community-driven governance. The documents make it possible, through a prescribed process, for the Worldcoin community to make recommendations to the Worldcoin Foundation’s Board of Directors. The Board is then required to “observe, implement, carry out, action and execute with best efforts any and all DAO Recommendations”, provided that the directors are not required to do any of the foregoing if such recommendations are either unreasonable or are not in the best interests of the Company or would otherwise breach the directors’ fiduciary duties or other legal obligations.

Here you can review the Worldcoin Foundation’s key documents:

World Assets Limited

World Assets Ltd. is a business company incorporated in the British Virgin Islands (BVI). The Worldcoin Foundation is the sole member and sole director of World Assets Ltd.

World Assets Ltd. is the entity responsible for minting and distributing the 75% of all Worldcoin tokens (WLD) that have been allocated to the Worldcoin community. As such, World Assets Ltd. is solely responsible for the content of the Worldcoin documentation located at whitepaper.worldcoin.org. The content there has not been reviewed or approved by any competent authority in the Cayman Islands, BVI, the EU, or elsewhere. 

The Worldcoin Foundation does not offer, sell, issue or distribute any tokens or virtual assets to the public, nor does it provide any other virtual asset service.  It is not subject to the Virtual Asset (Service Providers) Act (Revised) (including the Virtual Asset (Service Providers) Regulations (Revised)) of the Cayman Islands, and is not regulated by the Cayman Islands Monetary Authority. The Worldcoin Foundation does not earn any income, fees, commissions or other remuneration in its role supporting the Project and will not realise any profits from the Project.

Here you can review World Assets Ltd.’s key documents:

ZipCode GmbH

In preparation for the stewardship for the project to transition to the Worldcoin Foundation in July 2023, the Foundation acquired and vested significant responsibility for its data processing activities in ZipCode GmbH, a subsidiary based in Bavaria, Germany. ZipCode provides software development services, and plays a decisive role in the project’s data processing, both in terms of system design and practical execution. Its services are inextricably linked with the Foundation's processing activities.